We all recognize the many gifts bestowed upon us by the Lord.  The gifts are as diverse as the parish members themselves.  Stewardship is about sharing the gifts that the Lord has given you as an individual - the gifts of time, talent and treasure.  You may be creative, artistic, musical, technologically inclined, or just very interested in parish life.

Whatever your gifts may be, we have a place for you to share in good stewardship within the parish.  We invite you to become an active member of your parish family.

We offer a variety of  church  Ministries in which you can participate. Or, if there is a group you are interested in starting, please contact the parish office.

Weekly church offering envelopes are available for your convenience.  Contact the church office or visit with  one of the church ushers after mass to request your church envelopes.

For more information, please call the parish office at 817-335-1695 or email us.

Collection for Week Ending 10/7/2018
Regular Collection $3032.55
Children's Collection $73.49
St. Vincent DePaul $67.48
Faith Formation $45.00
Foundation $0.00
Mass Intentions $15.00
T-shirts                         $0.000     
Parish Hall $206.00
Bulletin Sponsorship $0.00
Disaster Relief 277.33
Propogation of Faith $15.00
St. Anne's Altar Society $352.41